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Rex Alan Payne, D.D.S.

In Accordance with the CDC, as well as recommendations from the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners, and OSHA requirements, I have established the following Coronavirus Guidelines in an effort to reduce to possibility of exposure to COVID-19 to my patients and my employees.  Please be aware that as dental professionals, we are working in your mouth and come in contact with saliva. 

We are taking these precautions seriously and we request that you do as well.


  • You or anyone living in your household presently has, or has had a fever, cough, loss of taste/smell, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea or any other flu-like symptoms within 14 days of your appointment.  Have you been around anyone with these symptoms, whether in your home, your work environment or social group?
  • Have you had Coronavirus or have you been tested for Coronavirus? If so, what was your test result?

  • What date were you given a NEGATIVE test result?

  • Have you or anyone living in your household had contact with a person who has tested positive for the Coronavirus?           If so, how recently?

  • Have you, or will you travel out of town within 14 days of your appointment?          What was your return date? ________________**In accordance with CDC and State Board of Dental Examiners Guidelines  we restrict any travel within 14 days prior to your dental visit. Bear in mind our job requires us to come in close contact with your mouth and saliva putting us at a higher risk of exposure to the virus or contaigens.

If YES to any of these questions- call us to RESCHEDULE at least 14 days out

ARRIVAL TO THE OFFICE: Masks are required to enter the building. Please use hand sanitizer station when you enter in our waiting room. Temperatures will be checked and a Coronavirus Screening Questionaire will be reviewed with you. Anyone with a temperature exceeding 99.9 degrees will be rescheuled.
For your protection, each of our staff members has their temperature checked  daily. We all wear masks the entire workday. Medify air purification systems have been placed throughout the office and in each treatment room to recirculate the air multiple times per hour.
COME ALONE – Please, no children or other family members or friends in the waiting room. *If the patient is a minor child, 1 parent may accompany the child to the treatment room, but once treatment begins the parent will be asked to socially distance in our waiting room, or your car. This also applies to our elderly patients who may bring a caregiver with them to their appointments.
INSURANCE BENEFITS - Has there been any change to your insurance policy/employment status?  If so, please notify us prior to your appointment.
$10 CoPayment - A $10 co-payment may be due at the time of your appointment. This covers a portion of our costs of the N95 masks, Isolation Gowns and Face Shields.  Many insurance companies do not cover this cost presently.